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When you sign up with us, every month you will receive a brand new, high quality tie. Unlike other services that want you to ship the tie back, our ties are yours to keep, forever!

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Nothing beats the excitement of getting a new tie each and every month from NeckTiePhoon! (except maybe a new car or motorcycle, or dating  super model...but you get the idea!). Our ties are crafted from premium providers all over the world. We seek out the coolest looking ties and send them to our members, whom we cherish like new born babies. New born babies who happen to wear sweet-ass ties.

I don't know about you, but I've always felt that wearing a tie in today's business casual office environment, gives me a leg up. You look a little more professional. You carry yourself a little bit better and other notice. Perception is everything. Look the best. Wear the best. Become your best.

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